My First Brush with Fat

When I was 4 years of age I use to sneak into the kitchen, open the refrigerator door, grab a stick of butter and eat it like it was a candy bar. Whenever my mother was in the kitchen cooking I would dip my finger into the container of butter as if it was a bowl of frosting. I had no idea what magical thing I was doing to my body back then. I was a happy kid and a twig to boot.

From adolescent to my mid 40’s, I destroyed my metabolism, my hormones got whacked out and my adrenals became completely overtaxed. I would successfully lose all the weight 3-5 times in a span of 37 years. Each time gaining it back, becoming depressed and getting more and more hungry. All the while not realizing all the damage I was doing to my body internally. When I found the Ketogenic Diet or Low Carb High Fat Diet I became excited that I would be able to eat well and to satiety and still get great benefits of health. I am losing weight slowly but I am no longer focused on that as weight loss is a by-product of this great way of eating. I am very focused on healing my body and I am very passionate about sharing my journey, hoping this will help someone out there who is looking for a sustainable way of eating and living . Discovering I can eat butter again has simply put me in a great mood.

Hi, my name is Cynthia. I have been on a Ketogenic Diet (or LCHF Diet) consistently with no carb refeeds since January 2016. I started playing around with Keto roughly in December 2014 but I did not stay consistent because I didn’t know enough about the basic principles of this diet. I had many slip ups during the next year. I decided I needed to research the Ketogenic diet and all its benefits.

With everything I have learned and am currently learning, it is getting really easy to stay strong on this diet. I recently decided to become a health coach. Many people I know in my community have diabetes or autoimmune diseases. I would love to help them get on a path to wellness.

My hopes for this blog is to be able to share my knowledge and my own journey to health and wellness. I want to share the tools that has been key to my continued success as well as provide tons of resources that has educated me. I would like for this blog to blossom into a community where we can tell our stories, share ideas and give each other support. I think that would be amazing.

I am so happy to have my buttery days back.


2 thoughts on “My First Brush with Fat

    1. That is so true! What a different outlook I now have about my life. The fact that I just started a blog to spread the word of this great lifestyle to help others is a true testament to how amazing the effects of a High Fat diet is on so many aspects of our life, body and mind. I would have never had the courage to put myself out there but here I am and it’s exciting. Thank you for your comment and for stopping by. I look forward to catching up on your blogs. 🙂

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